Posted April 30, 2016 at 7:46 pm by Queen Obioma

Gsm Number Database Lagos

GSM number database according to STREET!!! In LAGOS!!!

It consist of-
First and Last Name of the owner,
Phone number,
LGA and each LGA is sorted into street!!!!
all in excel sheet!!!

You can use this database for your various marketing,Political campaign, awareness,short code services,bulk sms blast ETC

A must have for all business owners and aspiring owners, if you truly want to increase sales with the cheapest and most targeted strategy ever!!!

The gsm phone numbers are not like the random numbers generated, our numbers are gathered manually and are 100 percent authentic.

Get this now at your very own disposal, authentic database 

All at give away BONANZA price (offer ends on saturday 3rd October 2015)

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For the total GSM Numbers in nigeria

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