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School Portal Manager

Cushite School Management System

is an integrative and comprehensive Education Resource planning solution, developed for schools to manage information spanning all function requirements like Administrative function, Teacher function and Students aid functions e.t.c. It addresses the needs of all stakeholders within the education realm? Students, Teachers, Principals, school management and parents. Our system empowers schools to strengthen their services to students and parents, thus enhancing their competitive advantage manifold.

Vision; To own and build the biggest and leading computer service institute centered in excellence, integrity and loyalty to customers.
Mission; To use information and communication technology in proffering a lasting solution to difficulties facing Nigeria schools and also impact and improve the computer base knowledge of our young once by providing high quality mobile, computer and internet activities.
Legal status:
The firm is registered and certified with the Department of Co-operative Services, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The firm will be incorporated on the long run.
Cushite is proudly located at E.Garbs House, ASPAMDA Trade Fair Complex, Lagos State.
Phone numbers: 08037318928, 09038019086

How can our school management system help your school?

Our School Management system was structured having the School administrator, Classroom teacher, Students and the entire staffs of the school in mind. That is why we carefully developed our school management system to cover 99% if not 100% of the school stakeholder’s interest.
Our school management system was built to cover Three major areas, which are listed below:
1. Addressing difficulties facing school administration, Class room management and Students learning process. That is why we have developed this below android apps and windows applications.

• Administrative module.
• Teacher’s and staff module.
• Student’s and parents module.

2. Taking your school to the world with the use of the world wide web
• School website
• mobile application.

3. Monetization and financial benefit.
• Printing and selling unlimited online result checking pin and serial number.
• Printing and selling unlimited application forms token.

Addressing difficulties facing school administration, Class room management and Students learning process.
• Administrative module:
This is a mobile and windows application that is centered on school administration. It covers almost every office activities perform by school administrator. Ranging from students and staffs recruitment process, managing students and staffs data, school documents’ processing, Class and examination timetable processing, item inventory management, One touch Bulk SMS system , offline printing of students result and online publishing of students result to the school website e.t.c.
Main Features
• Student’s registration and staff employment processing.
• Exam and class timetable generating and processing.
• Sending bulk or personal SMS to parents or staff when the need arises.
• Generating of application form tokens and online result checker card pin and serial number
• Schedules and Remainder.
• Managing of students’ result database.
• Printing of class and staff list with passport.
• School Alumina management.
• Computer base examination question publishing.
• Website editor.
• Item inventory
• School documents processing.
• Publishing of students result online.
• Approval of teachers and Students module actions before it goes publically.
• Managing of school online database.
• Students and staff database system for fast querying and data manipulation.
• Managing of school E-Class note library.
• Be able to ban or terminate the staff or students database account.
• Sharing of videos, photos and text to the school social wall.
• Teachers and staff module:
This is an android mobile apps and a windows application that is centered on classroom teacher, though the android apps can be used by other staff. The most interesting thing about this module is that the windows application is standalone; I mean it can run from a flash drive or storage memory card without leaving any trace on the user computer. This will enable the teachers to carry, copy and run the module on a flash drive and storage devices. Unlike the Administrative module which can perform virtually all the office administrative activities, The teachers and staff module is limited in functions. This is to enable the school administrators to regulate the activities of the teachers and staffs.
For example: when a teacher publishes a class note online the note will not be visible to the student module until the note is approved by the administrator through the administrative module and also the teacher module can only be used to build students result but cannot be used to print result or publish result online, furthermore, the teachers account can be ban, unban, terminate by the administrative module.
Main features
• Printing of immediate class list with passport.
• Class attendance.
• Publishing of class note online (verification is needed from the administrative module).
• Student result builder (but cannot print result to maintain result integrity).
• Online class room system (internet connection is needed).
• Schedules and Remainder.
• Past WAEC,NECO,UTME, GCE question and current affairs publishing.
• Question and answer publishing for student to keep their brains busy
• Share media content such as text, photo, and video file with students and fellow staff.
• Sending messages to students and staff (This process is monitored).
• Sending Bulk SMS (SMS API is needed).
• Students and parents module:
This is an android apps and portable windows application that was developed having students and parents in mind. Just like the teachers and staff module, The student and parents module can also run from flash drive and memory card without leaving any trace on the user’s computer. This is to enable students of whom the parents cannot afford to by a computer or pay for internet subscriptions to copy the module on their flash drive or memory cards to a Cyber café to download or access their content or even attend to the online class. like the teachers and staff module, The students and parents module is limited in functions. This is to make sure that the student used the module for the purpose it was created.
For example: The students can only access and download a class note to their phone or computer if only the class teacher gave them the class note access code. And also the result checker function is only for checking and printing of result online (Of which the student will need to obtain or pay for result checker pin and serial number if the school chooses to monetize it.).
Main features
• Online class room system.
• Downloading of class note and social content from the school database.
• Personal E-Class note library.
• Share media content such as text, photo, and video file with their class mates online.
• Schedules and Reminder.
• Computer base examination processing.
• Exam past questions downloads.
• Building school friend list.
• Sending messages to friends.
• Sending Bulk SMS (SMS API is needed)
• Online result checker.

Taking your school to the world with the use of the world wide web

• School website:
As we have listed and explained the above modules, as you can see that all of them have to do with running of a computer base or mobile applications before you be able to manipulate the school database online. But the website gives the school opportunity to reach out to millions of people all over the world as far as they have a working internet connection on their computer or mobile phone. With the school website anybody from any part of the world can access the school public content by just keying in the school domain name on their browser example: and the school web content will be loaded on the person’s device. Therefore taking the school out of their comfort zone, and also gives the school an advance and standard world image.

• Mobile application:
As the invent of mobile smart phones has keep on changing the way we use the internet, we don’t want our clients to be left out of the speedy movement of mobile application internet penetration. That is why we have our clients back covered.
We have developed a strategic mobile application for easy accessibility and to also engage the students in a knowledge building activities list below:
• School website android application.
• Questions and answer android application.
• Past WAEC, NECO, UTME and GCE question.
• Mobile based examination processing.

Monetization and financial benefit.
We cannot overlook the fact that the schools is a profit making ventures that is why we have create a professional and effective but yet systematic ways of achieving this purpose.
• Printing and selling unlimited online result checking pin and serial number.
This will enable schools to generate, print and sale unlimited online result checking pins and serial numbers to the students to enable them check their termly result online.
• Printing and selling unlimited application forms token.
This will enable schools to generate, print and sale unlimited application form token (a.k.a application form fee) to intending students and staff to enable them fill the school admission or recruitments forms online.

Features list and plans prices of our package are listed below.
Free responsive website and hosting for the first one year NO YES YES
School portal NO YES YES
Android school applications NO NO YES
Timetable Generation YES YES YES
Schedules and Reminder YES YES YES
Easy to use page editor(wysiwyg) NO NO YES
Free online CV builder NO YES YES
Online admission and employment processing NO YES YES
Online result publishing and checking NO YES YES
Online classroom NO YES YES
Students information system YES YES YES
Sending Bulk and personalized SMS YES YES YES
School private email YES YES YES
E-class Note library NO YES YES
Free domain registration for the first one year NO YES YES
Free website hosting for the first one year NO YES YES
Webhosting resources NONE 200GB unlimited
Backup and maintenance N0 N0 YES
Offline admission and employment processing YES YES YES
Item inventory system YES YES YES
Students result management YES YES YES
Offline website editor DEMO YES YES
Computer base exam. software DEMO NO YES
Unlimited documents templates YES YES YES
Students Result module YES YES YES
Students report card printing YES YES YES
Easy database query YES YES YES
Online classroom DEMO YES YES
PRICE 200,000/Yr 300,000/Yr 500,000/Yr

Please note: That the above package prices are subjected to negotiation and may change with Time, And also the package can be customized to suite the school financial strength. Please contact 08068903682,08182821810 for more information

We offer intensive computer training programs and services like:
• Web designing, hosting and management.
• Software development.
• Computer applications training and certification.
• Computer Networking (Wired and Wireless networking).
• Computer Maintenance.
• School Database Management (E-register).
• PHP,Mysql, Html, Ajax, Jquery and Java Script Programing language.
This is why we are the best in what we do and why we do it. Our key success factors are :
• Quality external financial management and control unit.
• The centrality of the location of the firm in the Nigeria.
• Good managerial and visionary skill gained by the owners from CEDR/CBN program, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria (ISMN) and Nigerian Institute of Management.
• Our integrity and excellence which is centered in our vision to grow.
• Excellent knowledge of computer applications by the firm.
• Passion for growth and the zeal to move further and higher.
• The proximity of the firm’s management.

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