5 Actionable Brand Tactics to Uniquely Position Your Business Above Competitors

I know you can relate with thi, you go to a mall you want to purchase a toothpaste, but you naturally just ask for a closeup, the seller gives you close-up and you say not this one, Hahaha… What Close-up is selling is not the product but the brand. I know you now get the

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Make Money Online by Posting Free Ads on Classified Websites

There are different ways you can make money online by posting ads online and on your social media pages. The opportunities abound online. Though most of the are scams but in this post I am going to do a simple walk through for you on real paying ways to monitise your social media pages. Make


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Locations: Lagos, Nigeria Marketing Job Description Requisition No.: 124624BR Subsidiary: Ojait Primary Job Responsibilities:Reporting to the Head of Marketing, the Senior Product Marketing Manager will be the liaison betweenbridge between our agile product squads and marketing. This personYou will learn and understand the pipeline of product and feature introductions to both our consumer and business


Turn the Rejection Around

As a new business man/ woman, sailing the waters of entrepreneurship, Rejection is one of the things you would experience. People will always want to see your portfolio, your past clients, you big car, big office and all sort of things. But there’s alays a first day and  first season that is when the most


Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat For Your Body Type

Apple body sorts are at more serious danger than pear body sorts. Apart from the genetic factor, a person’s body type also plays a major role in determining the speed of belly fat loss. Where you gain fat and how easy it is to lose belly fat is somewhat influenced by genetics. Our genes actually


Antimonium tartaricum

Difficult respiration. Anxious oppression of the chest. Rattling of mucus in the chest when breathing. Burning sensation in the chest, inflammation of the lungs? then the answer is Antimonium Tartaricum USES:* Main Indication: Wet, non-productive cough Common Name: Antimony potassium tartrate DIRECTIONS: Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 5 pellets under

Homeopathic Remedies to Fight Summer Cold

In this article I will be discussing how to use homeopathy methods to fight summer cold. Common cold is  often considered to be a winter problem. But trust me there’s cold in the summer too. And the symptoms that go with it can be at any rate as hopeless if not all the more. Especially with


Honey As the Perfect Hair Remedy

On my way back from wok on Friday, I boarded the commuter box from CMS to Orile. There was these active vibrant marketer trying to sell his soap which he claims has honey as an active ingredient.  I learnt alot from the guy because he lectured us on the wonderful properties of honey and its uses.



Lemons and Limes are one of nature’s extraordinary resources and these harsh citrus organic products can do what alot of modern day medicines can’t. Lime and lemon add reviving taste to any beverage which scrub and improve immune system from a single glass of juice. The lime is a little citrus natural product, similar to a


How to Interprete Body Languages

In both formal and easygoing friendly conversations, a great deal of actions are set on words or what the individuals says. Be that as it may, nonverbal interactions is equally or maybe much more vital. Non-verbal communication says a great deal. What it says has more effect than the words that are really talked out

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