Job Search Safety

When searching for a new job is important that you are not all desperate, be aware of scam warning signs. In particular steer clear of jobs that involve working from home and simply cashing cheques for an employer you never meet. If in doubt about a prospective employer either contact us for advice or don’t proceed.

Do your research first

When applying for jobs online, it pays to research the company or organization being advertised. Is this a legitimate company? Who is the owner? Where is the head office? Is it a Nigeria registered company or with offshore interests? Find out as much as you can about your prospective employer from independent resources. Having some knowledge about the company will also make you look well prepared and keen in an interview. Don’t run off to job interviews if the caller or text message does not mention the name of the company.

Check Ad Occurrences

If you find different users posting the same job advert is time to be weary and do your research properly.

Always meet the employer in person

Make sure you meet your prospective employers face to face. Be wary of any employer prepared to offer you a job without meeting you first. Don’t meet with the employer anywhere else that is not the office location or anytime after work hours.

Don’t give away personal details

Never provide your bank account details or personal ID such as passport or driving licence when applying for a job. This should only happen once you’ve accepted an offer and started with the company, or when you’ve met your employer in person and verified their identity through independent resources.

Don’t Offer Registeration Fee

Never pay anyone to link you to a purposed job or employer. If the person in contact with you is not the main employer then is time you move on and forget the job. Don’t pay anyone to get a job.

Check Out the Contact Info

Most scammer of job fraudsters use same contact to contact their victims. Do a search on forums and popular social networks. If they have used the same contact to scam someone else is time for you to steer clear.

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