Know scam emails

Protect yourself from receiving scam emails

Once you’re regigistered on Ojait or posted an ad with us, you can expect us to send you a few emails to keep you up to date on the status of your ad or of new products you have searched. We don’t want to cause alarm, but at the same time we’d like all our customers to be wary of scam emails, as fraudsters sometimes prey on account holders who will be expecting emails. Scam emails have been designed specifically to look like they’ve been sent by a legitimate company. They trick people into either replying or clicking a link (phishing email) and then revealing confidential information like bank account details or account passwords.

Urgent calls to action on your account

Often scam emails threaten you with removing your ad, account closure or restricted website access unless you reconfirm your payment or account details. We would never do this. But where in doubt don’t click the link just yet call us on +2348037318928 or contact us.

Unusual elements of a sender’s email address

Email addresses are easily forged, so never assume the address that appears in the ‘From’ line is real. If there are a host of extra letters and numbers around the original company name, warning bells should ring!

Links to a fake website requesting personal information

Scam emails will usually contain a link to a fake website that looks like the genuine site. Look closely at the URL – the address that comes up in your web browser address bar – as this should be clearly showing the original website’s URL. These fake websites will ask for sensitive information, such as your credit card details, account name or password to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ your status. Always avoid following these instructions on suspicious sites, and do your best to report the incident.

How to report a scam email
If you think you’ve received a scam email or you’d like to report one to us, let us know by calling 0803 731 8928 or emailing Copy and paste the entire contents of the email and don’t forget to include the email address it’s been sent from. We’ll have a look at it and get back to you in a few hours.

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