Rules of Publication

Posting of free Classifieds online ads must be no more than 100 words and will be published online only for 30 days. If an extension is desired, the advertiser must resubmit the ad online free.

We accept only standard abbreviations and will spell out abbreviations which are not understandable. We reserve the right to edit, reject or classify advertisements in appropriate classifications.

Ojait shall be under no liability for its failure for any cause to insert an advertisement.
Some other points to note before posting your free online classified ads
1. Please post all ads in the right section, and don’t derail categories by posting off topic.
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2. Don’t threaten, support or DEFEND violent acts against any person, tribe, race, animals, or group (e.g. rape).

3. Don’t post pornographic or disgusting pictures or videos on any category of Ojait.

4. Don’t use Ojait for illegal acts, e.g scams, plagiarism, hacking, gay meetings, incitement, promoting Biafra.

We reserve the right to change this policy without notice to the users.

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